The Start of a Larger Conversation

At the final symposium of FEST 2013 we began discussing ways we could make our work more accessible to the community. How can we be more inclusive? How can we reach the seniors who aren’t necessarily ‘active’ in the community? What methods can we use to achieve this?

We realized that in order for this to work, the discussion could not longer be exclusive to June and at FEST, that we would need to continue this conversation throughout the year. We hope this blog honours that intention, as we share highlights, discoveries and questions facing the GeriActors and Friends through our process of creating theatre about intergenerational issues.

If you or someone you know is interested in senior issues, community art making or intergenerational theatre keep posted on this blog! We will be updating you on upcoming G&F events and would love to hear what you have to say.

All are welcome in this discussion, and we hope these entries will be the beginning of a larger conversation. Please feel free to comment below on this post and any future posts.

GeriActors and Friends at FEST
GeriActors and Friends in Tjalling Zonderland


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