Our January Beginning.

It’s our first day back from the Holiday break.

     As we ease our way back into the rehearsal room, warming ourselves up with familiar exercises: Martha, One to Ten, Ta-Da-Da, and of course, sharing stories, we begin to get back into the swing of things.
     Today was also the start of many new exciting things. Sherry Smith, one of the graduates of David’s Intergenerational Theatre Class began the rehearsal with an incredible 15 minute vocal warm up. Stayed tune as Sherry will be starting an 8 week vocal research/intensive with the seniors on how vocal exercises can rehabilitate the aging voice. January will also be the start a movement residency with local choreographer Amber Borotsik and Music improviser Karen Porkka. Of course, we will be building a play to tour for our performance season starting in March. We have a busy start of 2016.
     To end this blog off, I wanted to share this poem. It was found by our friend and vocal expert Sherry Smith.

I am not old

I am not old, she said
I am rare

I am the standing ovation
at the end of the play

I am the retrospective
of my life
as art

I am the hours
connected like dots
into good sense

I am the fullness
of existing

you think I am waiting to die
but I am waiting to be found

I am a treasure
I am a map
these wrinkles are imprints
of my journey

ask me

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