Meet the GeriActors & Friends


As we prepare for our upcoming performance tour we wanted to introduce you to the cast of the GeriActors & Friends.


Elizabeth “Liz” Reid
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba

“It is a creative and fun experience where one gets to play and interact with young university students in their 20’s, which is a pleasure to me.”

After some convincing from her husband Chips, Liz decided to give the GeriActors a try and hasn’t looked back since. Liz’s enthusiasm for life always pushes her to try new things. At a time when women were told to pursue one of three jobs, Liz decided to create her own path, attending three different faculties at the University of Alberta. Although she has not had formal training in acting Liz looks at all of life as acting, but values the connectedness found on stage. An adventurer at heart, Liz appreciates the flexibility within the GeriActors. Being a part of the group has not slowed down her travels since retiring, still managing to take a trip each year.

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