GeriActors Theatre · Reading the Signs, the audio play

GeriActors & Friends presents, Reading the Signs

Just as they are inventing rear view cameras, warning buzzers for changing lanes, and self-driving cars, Jack has to give up driving.

“How will I know when my world is shrinking or shrunk?
When I’m so bubble wrapped for safety that it’s too late to break out?
What risks can I take?”

Cast & Creative

Written by David Barnet in collaboration with GeriActors & Friends
Audio Production Produced by Kim McCaw, Sound Editing by Josh Gwozdz
Original Music by Dave Clarke
Acting Coach David Barnet
Production Assistant Erin Hayes
Featuring Carlean Fisher, Chips Reid, Diane Jonsson, John Grootelaar, Pat Parkinson, and Ranee Wickramasekera

History of the Play

Reading the Signs was inspired by our members’ experiences with driving and giving up one’s driver’s license. This play was originally developed in 2019 as part of Age Friendly Edmonton‘s Knowledge to Action program. It was performed at the University of Alberta and can be watched on our Youtube channel, here.

In 2022, Reading the Signs was re-imagined as an audio play for our AudioGeris program. Through this program, GeriActors & Friends chose three of our original stage plays to adapt and record over Zoom. The first is Reading the Signs, followed by Spinning the Bottle and We Decide… based on King Lear.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
Thank you to Age Friendly Edmonton for supporting the original development of Reading the Signs.