“Everyone has a story and everyone is worth listening to. GeriActors is a place where you can be yourself, share your stories and interact with different generations.”

Our performance company, GeriActors & Friends, brings together seniors and younger generations through performer-created play development. Ranging in age from early twenties to nineties, the GeriActors are seniors from the Greater Edmonton Area, and the Friends are students and alumni from the University of Alberta.

Using a playful approach to theatre, we produce original plays based on true stories and issues of aging. Working intergenerationally we generate new energy, brilliant ideas and lasting friendships.

We write plays by playing games, telling stories, improvising, and taking elegant coffee breaks with free flowing discussion. As we rehearse and perform, we continually rewrite our scripts. Humour and music are central to our work; laughter makes even the most difficult subject accessible. Our plays are focused on aging rather than age, and celebrate our commonalities.


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We perform at seniors residences, centres, conferences, local events, and more for audiences of seniors, students, health professionals, caregivers, and the general public. To book a performance click here.

Interested in joining GeriActors & Friends?
GeriActors & Friends is currently at capacity and not accepting new members, but we offer a variety of workshops and classes throughout the year.

Drama 507: Intergenerational Theatre
Every year, University of Alberta students registered in Drama 507 collaborate with GeriActors & Friends in theatre workshops, devised play development and performance.

Listen to an Audio Play
AudioGeris is a collection of audio plays by GeriActors & Friends. Click here to listen to our plays, access our listening guide and host a listening session.

Book a Performance

We perform at seniors residences, centres, conferences, local events, and more.

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Headshots by Marc J Chalifoux
Middle Photos by Marc J. Chalifoux, Jen Shaw, and Marc J. Chalifoux