GeriActor’s and CRIPSiE are dancing again!

Editor’s note: The GeriActors and Friends were excited to have Amanda Newman, Shula Strassfeld and Kevin Ormsby from Dance Exchange last week to facilitate a two week dance/movement workshop series in conjunction with a local mixed-ability group called CRIPSiE. Here is a blog post by Bill Yong about the first day. Stay tuned for additional blog posts about the experience.

Its always a treat when Dance Exchange visits the GeriActors, we are reminded the potential our bodies have to create, share and understand. Here are a couple things to remember when taking a Dance Exchange Workshop.
1. Always say things twice: Sometimes the brain needs a second run through to gather all the information/instructions needed. It could also be helpful to present the information in a different way (physically or use a simile!). Understanding and common ground are necessary when working with a big group.
2. The Private Studio: Everyone’s got a private studio. Its portable and the handiest thing ever. The private studio is a private space you go into discover, figure things out or rehearse for one last time before presenting something. Access to this studio is as easy as turning your body away from the group for a moment.
3. Forgetting is a very natural editing tool: If you didn’t remember it, was it really all that necessary?
4. There’s no such thing as a wrong answer: In the world of dance, everything you do is an offer. The smallest offer can elicit the biggest opportunities.
GeriActors and CRIPSiE warming up with Dance Exchange.

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