Under One Sky is a Multicultural Seniors’ Storytelling Project.

The first project in 2009/2010 involved three cultural communities, Filipino, Korean, and Latin American, who developed original theatre performances.

The project concluded with a Multicultural Potluck Dinner, workshop, and performance. The three groups, along with GeriActors & Friends, thrilled a large culturally diverse audience aged 18-85!

This project was supported by the New Horizons Program. To learn more about this project read our brochure and watch our video.

The second project in 2012 engaged a group of Somali women in NorthEast Edmonton in the creation of dramatic scenes about their experiences. It concluded with a Somali feast and performances, in Somali and English, for multi-generational families.

This project was supported by the Faculty of Arts, and the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta.

“Seniors are a library of experience.”