Inspired by community interviews and personal experiences the GeriActors & Friends developed and performed the following new plays exploring what it means to be a senior in Edmonton.

Reading the Signs

But I’m not an old man. I’m 77 for gosh sake. How will I know when my world is shrinking or shrunk? When I’m so bubble wrapped for safety that it’s too late to break out? What risks can I take?

Just as they are inventing rear view cameras, warning buzzers for changing lanes, self-driving cars, and car-sharing deals, Jack has to give up driving.


When I was young, I learnt to fly. I flew over Edmonton. Why did I love it? Because you’re free up there. Nothing can hurt you. You can see all the beautiful things of the earth. And you can reach for them.

A play about elder abuse and finding your sanctuary.

Claire & Jacob

My friend Thomas was the first to have a girlfriend. I don’t remember her name, but I remember being so jealous of… her.

From the 60’s to today four people share their stories of coming out.


Thank you to Age Friendly Edmonton’s From Knowledge to Action program, Alberta Lottery Fund and the University of Alberta Drama Department whose incredible support helped us develop and perform these plays over the last 2 years.