Creative Age Festival 2015

We are busy with preparations for the Creative Age Festival happening June 4-6 at the North Edmonton Seniors Association and Timms Centre for the Arts.

The Creative Age Festival features performances by seniors and intergenerational artists as well as workshops in a variety of art forms. This year’s festival will have 8 workshops to choose from in music, theatre, creative writing, dance and much more.

Here is a sneak peak at one of the workshops being offered June 4-6…

GeriActors, CRIPSiE, and Dance Exchange March 2015
GeriActors, CRIPSiE, and Dance Exchange March 2015

Dance and Physical Storytelling with Shula Strassfeld and Amber Borotsik

Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6

10:00am – 12:00pm

 Get ready to move with Amber and Shula! Discover new ways of expressing yourself, countless ways to move, and share your story in a unique and exciting way.

Amber Borotsik –

Amber works as both a theatre and contemporary dance artist in a bunch of different ways: as Co- Founder, former Festival Director and now Outreach Coordinator of Azimuth Theatres’ Expanse Movement Arts Festival; as Co-Artistic Director of a Sterling Award winning company that she keeps re-naming (Dammitdance Theatre, Windrow Performance…what will it be next?); as Facilitator of the Mile Zero/Nina Haggerty Dance Collective and as a freelance actor, dancer and choreographer. Amber has performed across Canada and the United States with Theatre Network, Ghost River Theatre, Northern Light Theatre, The Freewill Shakespeare Festival, The High Performance Rodeo, Lunchbox Theatre, The Maggie Tree, Azimuth Theatre, Wishbone Theatre, Workshop West Theatre, Citadel Theatre, Scarface, Red to Blue Performance, Nakai Theatre, Shadow Theatre, Artistic Fraud Theatre of Newfoundland, The Edmonton Street Performers Festival, Tania Alvarado, Mile Zero Dance, Eko Dance, Sheldon Casavant and Firefly Theatre among others.

Amber Borotsik working with Creative Movement participants Creative Age Festival 2014
Amber Borotsik working with Creative Movement participants Creative Age Festival 2014

Shula Strassfeld –

Shula Strassfeld began dancing “too late” and has been dancing ever since. After training in NY with members of the Jose Limon Company and Collete Barry and Susan Klein, Shula lived in the US, Israel and Canada. She has danced with choreographers Susan Rose, Joy Kellman, Flora Cushman, Mirali Sharon, Jan Van Dyke and Sandra Neels. Shula has an MA in Dance Education from Columbia University and has taught at Trinity College (Hartford CT), Rubin Academy of the Hebrew University, York University and at the professional schools of Canadian Ballet Theatre, Ballet Creole and the Kibbutz Dance Company. She joined Dance Exchange in 2007, Dance Exchange stretches the range of contemporary dance through explosive dancing, personal stories, humor, and a company of performers whose ages span six decades. Currently, she lives in Toronto.

Shula Strassfeld dancing with GeriActors and CRIPSiE  in
Shula Strassfeld dancing with GeriActors and CRIPSiE in “The Seeing Heart” March 2015

Both Amber and Shula have worked with the GeriActors on several occasions and we look forward to having them join us for the Creative Age Festival this year.

For more information on the festival visit:

To register for workshops call: 780-496-6969

See you at the festival!!!

(Photos by: Mat Simpson, Ryan Parker, and GeriActors)

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