Meet the GeriActors & Friends


As we prepare for our upcoming performance tour we wanted to introduce you to the cast of the GeriActors & Friends.

Chips Reid
Birthplace: Bishop’s Stortford, England

Acting puts you in a different space, and it takes you outside of yourself. It gives you freedom to be somebody else.”

Charles, also known as Chips is one of the GeriActors most exotic members. Although he was born in England, he considers Trinidad home and grew up there before moving to Edmonton where he received his Engineering Degree. Chips has been with the GeriActors for over 10 years and had the opportunity to star in their play “We Decide” as King Lear. Chips appreciates the challenge of learning how to interact and co-create with younger people on stage. From studying mushrooms to tai chi, Chips is always up for learning something new. His love for adventure and mischievous behavior ensure that he will have many stories to share for years to come.

Let’s end ageism | Ashton Applewhite

A wonderful talk on ageism and the effect it has on society and ourselves.


It’s not the passage of time that makes it so hard to get older. It’s ageism, a prejudice that pits us against our future selves — and each other. Ashton Applewhite urges us to dismantle the dread and mobilize against the last socially acceptable prejudice. “Aging is not a problem to be fixed or a disease to be cured,” she says. “It is a natural, powerful, lifelong process that unites us all.”

Meet the GeriActors & Friends


As we prepare for our upcoming performance tour we wanted to introduce you to the cast of the GeriActors & Friends.


Charles Bidwell
Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario

“It’s a great social group because the people are very playful… nobody yells at anybody else, nobody complains if you do forget your lines because we all do that. It adds the quality to my week.”

From designing and hooking rugs to taking the stage, Charles is a man with many talents. His path to acting began at a young age, he participated in his high school drama club, voiced Jesus in a radio series, acted in commercials and is currently working with the standardized patient program at the University of Alberta. He has always been drawn to the interactions with people that happen through acting. Charles believes that being involved with the GeriActors adds quality to his week and it gives him the opportunity to work or play with students and seniors alike.

From Knowledge to Action


Age Friendly Edmonton’s Knowledge to Action grants were created to tell the stories of people in this city working together to make our community a place that values, respects and supports the well-being of seniors. With the assistance of a writer, each organization created a “storybook” to capture their work.

The GeriActors embarked on an intergenerational playwriting and teaching initiative. They wrote and performed new plays that viewed growing older from multiple generations. In addition to playwriting they worked with a high school drama class and created a teaching manual to help prepare more people to be able to facilitate experiential intergenerational theatre storytelling.


Read our story here: Telling the Story of GeriActors.


Thank you to both Age Friendly Edmonton and the Alberta Lottery Fund who helped us develop our new plays over the last few years. 


Meet the GeriActors & Friends


As we prepare for our upcoming performance tour we wanted to introduce you to the cast of the GeriActors & Friends.


Angela Smythe
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

“We get to know each other really well. I can’t think of any other group that you would join where you would become really best friends with someone…it’s amazing.”

Angela is a person who is always looking to gain new experiences. This willingness to try new things lead her to a career working with BBC and CBC and then to join the GeriActors in her retirement. As a 14 year member of the GeriActors, Angela has lost count of the many plays she has been a part of, but she still remembers her first standing ovation. She discovered the GeriActors while participating in the Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association. Angela always looks forward to the creativity and challenges that come with completing her newest characters costume. You’ll rarely find Angela sitting at home between the GeriActors, singing in a choir, and her involvement with her church.