GeriActors Summer School


Introduction to storytelling, acting, and improv

GeriActors is thrilled to announce their first summer session – GeriActors Summer School – from June 16 – July 14. This program is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about our performance/acting company, the GeriActors & Friends.

The GeriActors have been turning stories into plays for the last fifteen years. Join us this June and learn how to turn your own stories into moments of theatre to share with others.


No experience necessary and all abilities welcome.

The program will finish with a final performance for family & friends.


Date & Time:

June 16 – July 14

Thursdays from 1 – 3pm

Final Performance on July 14



SAGE Auditorium

15 Sir Winston Churchill Square


Cost: $20


Register in person at SAGE or call 780-423-5510

Pass this information on to anyone who might be interested. A poster is attached for your convenience. If your organization or group would like hard copies of the poster or leaflets to give out please contact the GeriActors at the contact info below. We will be sure to drop them off!

GeriActors and Friends at ELLA

Yesterday the GeriActors had the honour of performing a section of “We Decide When” at the lunch feature of ELLA.

ELLA, which stands for Edmonton Lifelong Learning Association is an annual conference for seniors as a part of the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension. This three week event features courses in a broad range of topics such as photography, biology of the immune system, mathematics or watercolor technique. Seniors are able to sign up for as many or as few courses as they would like.

For more information about ELLA visit their website:

Many of the GeriActors take part in this event, as ELLA shares the same belief that creativity and lifelong learning is the gateway to healthy aging.

The event started with a speech made by our artistic director, David Barnet. It featured a description of our process, the intergenerational course and a series of exercises by the GeriActors.

Here were some highlights from the events.

“Never say anything you don’t want to be put into a play”

“Don’t shoot it down (online dating) until you’ve tried it David!”

“Every year at ELLA I feel a bit younger, that play made me feel even younger, something no medication can ever make me feel.”

“Laughter is our form of the handshake, it’s our way of showing that we are all equal.”

“Peaches! Kelowna Peaches!” (describing her favorite food)


Standing beside Liz (left) is Therezinha Kennedy (right), local poet, a former GeriActors and now world traveler. She will be travelling the Himalayas next year.